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Something Special…

I stepped into the charming store, scanning the displays of décor and craft supplies for the items I’d come to photograph. The proprietor spied me from her seat behind the cash register. “Looking for something special?” she asked. Everything in her store is special. The store is aptly named Whimzy!, and it’s full of unusual [...]


Annabelle and The Magical Negro Trope

Annabelle was not a great movie for many reasons, which was a shame since it came from the universe of The Conjuring, one of the better haunted house movies of the last decade. What I found most disappointing about the spin-off was that it utilized the "Magical Negro Trope," a deeply offensive and lazy cinematic [...]


Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

Are you afraid of dolls? Many of us are, as you may have read in previous posts by Nicole Wolverton and myself. And the more realistic they are, the more creepy they are. But why is this so? What is so terrifying about a little baby that makes some of us want to scratch out [...]


Needful Things for the Dark-Hearted

Much to my chagrin, the holidays are quickly approaching. Whether you have a list of gifts you need to buy for for folks celebrating Hanukkah, Festivus, Krampusnacht, Christmas, the Winter Solstice, Decemberween, or Hogswatch, sometimes no doubt you look at your list of people to buy for, and you think, "Gee, what do I buy [...]

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ON GHOSTS: Randi Flanagan

Lily found the doll face-down in the yard, its plastic head cracked. She knelt, holding the hem of her long skirt in her fist to keep off the dirt, and turned the doll over. Its eyes were wide, surprised. “Casey,” she called, “is this yours?” A little girl padded barefoot beside her mother. Lily noticed [...]

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