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What’s In a Trailer?

I love watching trailers for movies. They’re a thing unto themselves. They can be just a tease of greatness that relies on simple honesty or piece of deceitful art somehow created out of the clusterfuck that is the movie. There is a trend over the last 15 years to pack a trailer with the best [...]


Are You Thrilled or Terrified?

I was thinking about doing another review for this week’s column but stopped when I thought about the film I’d chosen: 2013’s Coherence. While it’s technically a thriller, the film had been on my radar as a horror film. This led me to an existential crisis – the best kind because it had no actual [...]


Cockneys vs. Zombies – All Hail Spectacle

I used to have an obsession with zombie films. It was the only time in my life where I put up with shit films just to see zombies in any shape or form. These films were so bad I can’t even find references to them online. I could say my tastes have matured with age, [...]


Do Better: The Jump Scare

The Jump Scare is such a cliché in today’s horror films (and video games) that while the majority of people might not know the term, they know exactly what it is when they experience it. Jump Scares are called the building blocks of horror cinema (alternatively, the cheapest way to make a horror movie seem [...]


Horror’s Morality: The Last of Us

Whether you believe it society’s invention or an inherent part of our humanity, morality has its part to play in every story we tell. The good deliver justice to the bad because they are – duh, duh, duuhhh – bad. Of course, morality isn’t just about good versus evil. And I’m not talking about the [...]

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