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Gone Ghost Hunting

Please note: This Dark Matter is now on indefinite hiatus. Many thanks for stopping by!


Inappropriate Laughter and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Do you laugh at inappropriate times? I do. I think it’s natural, perhaps as a means of self preservation. In my darkest moments, there is always a hysterical giggle bubbling in my throat (one that I nearly choked on once at a funeral, but that’s a complete tangent for another day). If you’re reading this [...]


Death Rituals: You Gonna Eat That?

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by all things death. Maybe it stems from all the unfinished details in my imagination after being barred from attending funerals as a kid. Maybe I picked up reading gory thrillers too early. Regardless of its origin, I know one thing for sure: I’m definitely not alone in [...]

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