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Stranger Than Fiction

One of The Netherlands’ most famous exports is undoubtedly Heineken beer. The familiar green bottles are sold around the world, solidifying the brand as a household name. It conjures up images of hot summer days followed by unforgettable nights (unless you drink too much, of course). However, there was a time when the brand was [...]


The Netherlands: a small country somewhere in the neighborhood of Germany, Belgium and France. Famous for tulips, wooden shoes, and windmills, or, to the more cultured person, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. And of course, everyone with a working brain is familiar with Amsterdam’s Red Light district where all your guilty pleasures can be satisfied in [...]

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Culinary Horrors

We’ve all heard horror stories of random roaches, mice, or even fingers found in food products around the world. Here’s a list of the three strangest food horror stories I’ve read about. The Creature from the Black can-of-tuna Zoe Butler, a woman in the UK, opened a seemingly innocuous can of tuna back in February. [...]


The Blue Lady

The Woman’s Club of Orange  boasts a history stretching back 100 years to its inception in 1915. The founder, Lea Collins, invited ten friends over to her house, and those ten women were asked to each invite another ten women, establishing the foundation of the club. Housed in a Mediterranean style clubhouse built in 1924, [...]


Crowdfunding, Gaming, and Fandom

“Old evil rises in this first official teaser directed by Japanese director Takashi Shimizu.” Gamers who have been eagerly anticipating a new installment to the Clock Tower horror survival game series can look forward to a possible 2015 release. Original creator, Hifumi Kono has partnered with the fantastic director Takashi Shimizu, and they launched a [...]

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