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Something Special…

I stepped into the charming store, scanning the displays of décor and craft supplies for the items I’d come to photograph. The proprietor spied me from her seat behind the cash register. “Looking for something special?” she asked. Everything in her store is special. The store is aptly named Whimzy!, and it’s full of unusual [...]


Voodoo Cemetery Tour

No trip to New Orleans should be complete without a Voodoo Cemetery Tour. For one thing, the cemeteries in New Orleans are beautiful to behold. Because the city sits below water level, bodies are interred above ground, making cemeteries a creepy, fantastic tourist stop. A stroll through these cities of the dead are full of [...]


Public Monsters: Artist Georgina Ciotti’s Graffiti

Look at the painting. Really look at it. Remind you of anything? It should. Barcelona artist Georgina Ciotti created some truly iconic creatures for Hellboy I and II and for Pan's Labyrinth, at the invitation of Guillermo del Toro. Looking at the work shown here--which is not really a painting, but more of a street [...]


Gentrification and its Impact on Travel and Literature

Death and destruction precede me wherever I go. And I like it that way. Like most travel nuts, I’m interested in the history of the places I visit. Sometimes the history--the blood, the ghosts, the destruction, the violence--is the draw of a place. I’ve written about death tourism, or thanatourism, before and shared photos of [...]


Nature vs Nurture: New Orleans as Setting

When a novel is set in New Orleans, it conjures certain stereotypes. For those of us of a certain age, we think of Anne Rice. New Orleans plays a critical role in Rice's novels, home of the Mayfair Witch clan and the setting as many scenes in her vampire novels. But there are many other [...]

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