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“The mind of man is capable of anything.”

    ~Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness


Mission Statement

Dark matter emits and absorbs no light. This Dark Matter explores the terrible shadows of the human mind. Venture with us into the heart of darkness. The horror.

About This Dark Matter

Welcome to This Dark Matter, an online site devoted to all things dark literature! Co-founded by writers Randi Flanagan and Nicole Wolverton, This Dark Matter embraces all genres of fiction, as long as there’s murder, mayhem, or other darkness at the core.

Horror, thrillers, and other works of dark fiction often get shunted to the side, billed as less “serious” literature. We disagree. No matter the particular genre, novels of all varieties that give us the shivers have literary merit. They are worth reading, worth discussing, and certainly worth writing. Here at This Dark Matter, we huddle in the shadows together . . . finding the things under your bed, gnawing at your dreams.


This Dark Matter contributors often accept books for review; however, note that acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. If you are interested in pitching your novel for review, please read the following policies . . .

We are interested in dark novels for adults, young adults, and children. This includes:

  • Horror
  • Thrillers/noir
  • Detective novels/procedurals
  • Mysteries (cozies, traditional, historical, western)
  • Literary
  • Paranormal
  • Romantic suspense/horror
  • Black comedy


Please do not pitch novels to us that do not include significant dark elements. We do accept ARCs and galleys in physical and electronic format, and we are willing to consider requests from self-published authors. We will only respond to requests that a] meet the above criteria and b] we are interested in reviewing. We cannot guarantee when reviews will appear, but your chances of a fast(er) review increase based on your professionalism and how much your book scares the crap out of us. We do not accept any form of payment in exchange for reviews, by the way.

About This Dark Matters reviews: We are avid writers and readers, so in addition to information about the novel (release date, book blurb, etc), reviews for new releases will include analysis and opinion about the book cover, writing style, editing, plotting, etc. A review may be negative or perhaps less than the glowing review you hope for. All books received are in exchange for an honest review. Any emails received from writers to complain about reviews will be fed to the pet swamp monster who lives in our moat, and irate writers will be soundly cursed.

Other services: This Dark Matter may have an interest in hosting giveaways, interviewing authors, and participating in blog tours.

For all requests, please email us at beastmaster@thisdarkmatter.com and give us the details of your book, along with your pitch. Thank you.

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